Aften sofa in @villamarsgarden


We have been so fortunate and privileged to collaborate with the talented Nina Holst. She is the person behind @stylizimoblog and @villamarsgarden, she and Marcus Mars have created a breathtaking garden that surrounds the graceful Jugend Villa from 1923. The couple are both passionate about gardening, interior design, art, and life itself. This devotion is visible in everything they do; all is impressively thought out, beautiful, and full of creative solutions. Also, imagine the hard work and hours behind it


It was a sheer pleasure to visit them and to experience their fabulous garden, divided into fascinating zones, like a lounge area, dining area, greenhouse, and kitchen garden, and the way it all naturally flows together. We are truly impressed!

Seeing our Aften sofa in that garden was a delight, and we love the results of the photos Nina captured for us!

Aften outdoor module sofas are made with materials
that withstand the outdoor elements

– Quick dry foam
– Marine grade impregnated plywood frame w/GOODSIDE slats
– Galvanized steel components