Leather is our most exclusive and luxurious choice for upholstered furniture. Silky soft to the touch and a beautiful surface that ages gracefully and gains a unique patina over the years.

The Vintage collection consists of aniline leathers. This means that the hides are dyed all the way through with the same color and have a natural leather surface with a lot of depth and natural color variations which enhance the patina of the leather. Each hide is specially treated to create the right look, making each one unique. Aniline leather has a very soft, pleasant feel and has incredible breathability.

Price group 6
Manufacturer Nevotex

Vintage colors

Please keep in mind that the actual color may vary from your monitor.


Col. Black

Col. Arizona Coffee

Col. Antracite

Col. Cognac


Aniline leather has a very soft, pleasant feel and has incredible breathability, but it is also very sensitive to stains and dirt and therefore require care and regular treatment to maintain its exquisite quality. Since aniline leather is dyed all the way through and does not have a top layer of protection when you receive your upholstered furniture, you should use a waterproofing treatment for leather as soon as possible. Only a regular treatment from the beginning ensure high protection against stains. Further, the leather should be treated with aniline cream 3-4 times a year.