Winter atmosphere

We just did another collaboration with the talented storyteller, graphical designer, stylist, and photographer Hilde Mork. In an attempt to capture some of our accessories in a wintry expression, she undoubtedly delivered more than we expected, once again! Hilde has attained this in her very own way; with an artistic mind, eye for detail and beauty, understanding of light, and treasure hunting in nature. Brighten up your day by having a look at her inspiring photos and stories at @hildemork78

And also, she is very attentive, humble, and gets things professionally done! Thank you, Hilde!


Even though the world has changed, and this Christmas will be different from years in the past, we can still light candles to create a vibrant atmosphere in our rooms. And thankfully, we can still wander out in nature, inhale the scents, and even bring pieces of it back with us home. And we can all wish that the holiday awaiting us may still be a time of togetherness, peace, laughter, and the making of happy memories. A time for slow living and grounding, a time for hope, and a time for joy! Let’s celebrate this traditional time by sharing inspiration and joyful moments!


We lit a candle tonight for
hope, love, joy, and peace…

Dis tray with Advent candles

We wish you all a wonderful Holiday

– take care!