The magic winter light

2021 has been yet another strange year, both in terms of the pandemic and its ripple effects. We have great hopes for a world that will start to normalize again in 2022. Through this year there has been so much we have wanted to tell you that has been postponed for various reasons. Among other things, we have moved into new offices and warehouse, and we are planning a combined studio and showroom. Daylight is a crucial element in our new ygg&lyng space. It affects us and gives us energy and joy.


The daylight highly influences the atmosphere when we photograph our collection. Now we have our own space with lots of light: a new inspiring ygg&lyng home. A place where we more often can photograph impulsively with the changing light in mind! – We can’t wait to tell you more about it next year.


Many of the images of the collection are dear to us. The way we mix and arrange them is something that inspires us, and hopefully also you!

Taking photos in the darkest months can be challenging, with limited hours of daylight and colder color hues. When we get it right, it’s really satisfying. We have selected some images that were captured in the magic winter light, some in the crispy winter sunshine, and some in the sober twilight.

With this, we wish you all a wonderful Holiday

– take care!