Hos Alma


At Hos Alma you will find delicious lunch dishes and generous dinners for the whole family.
ygg&lyng has delivered the Non dining chairs and the Non bar chairs in smoked oak.

Hygge hotel


Hygge is a beautifully designed hotel with Scandinavian design characterized by simplicity, minimalism
and functionality. ygg&lyng are proud that the Non chair is part of this very special interior.

Kragerø Resort


Kragerø Resort is the ultimate place for summer activities like golf, bicycling, concerts, spa, water activities, food, and drinks.
Kragerø Resort is even also perfect for visiting in the wintertime. ygg&lyng is represented in the lobby with the Aften sofa in a blue tone.

The architects behind the interior are Senab Eikeland Tønsberg



Kolonihagen has a warm, inviting atmosphere. The vision has always been to give people better food,
because better food makes better people. Non dining chair suits the fine interior.

Norwegian Embassy


Norwegian Embassy in Brazil. Designed and decorated by the interior architects at Norconsult.
The Dis sideboard fits perfectly in!

The Hub


Clarion Hotel The Hub has 810 modern hotel rooms and our Vika chair is in a lot of them.
The hotel also has 22 meeting rooms of various sizes, and 3 unique bar and restaurant concepts.

Svalbard hotel


Svalbard Hotel offers comfortable rooms in a peaceful environment. It is the best starting point for adventures and relaxation at this very special location.

Skagen Restaurant


A restaurant serving Norwegian food. Genuine and down to earth – served in similar premises.
The Kyst dining chair is a part of the rustic and soulful interior with lots of history

Opus XVI


A classic, yet modern take on the luxury hotel experience that offers the guests a taste of the composer Edvard Griegs
remarkable life, his relationships and his unique life story.

FYR Bistronomi & bar


Enjoy gourmet honest dishes in an intimate and unpretentious atmosphere.
Ygg&lyng is represented by our Kyst dining chair.

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