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Last year the Bris outdoor module sofa was launched in the limited edition colors Summer Yellow, Olive Green, and Earth Brown. The response has been overwhelming, and happily, the colors continue for this summer season.

Since the colorful members were added, more newcomers have joined. Please welcome Bris 35×70 Ottoman/Chaise/Coffee table and Bris 45×45 Coffee table! Use the new base module as a pouf, divider, or table, and use the handy high table when the space is narrow.


The module system is based on just two parts; the base and a combined back/arm. These parts make Bris easy to connect as you prefer and later rearrange! In addition, the new members give the module system even more functionality!


The new modules make it easy to maximize your setup to fit your beloved outdoor spot. The high table is perfect to use between two chairs or as the main table if you prefer it higher or use two or three pieces or more in a row.


Bring the indoor comfort outside! Mingle poufs in all sizes can now be dressed in the whole range of water-repellent outdoor fabrics. They are great complements to Bris module sofa, as they are lightweight and convenient and give comfy seating without occupying much space.

Colors powder coated stainless steel

Black is a classic and timeless choice and fits almost everywhere.

White is a pure and elegant color that provides a contrast to the green tones of summer.

Summer Yellow is associated with the sun and evokes playfulness, joyful moments, and a touch of creativity and optimism.

Deep Olive is the color of nature and resembles health, tranquility and harmony. Get close to nature with colors that echo the feeling of a relaxing hike in the forest, or walking barefoot in the meadow.

Earth Brown is the color of earth and is an honest, elegant and timeless choice. A comfortable, classic nuance that keeps you calm and grounded.

Outdoor fabrics

Panama Dew

Panama Night

Hispano Sun

Hispano Grass

Hispano Shadow

Cerdaline Nature