New launch – Favn

Meet Favn, the comfiest member of our sofa collection so far! Favn is spacious and soft, and its casual luxury invites the whole family to calm down and cuddle up. With three different base modules, a corner, a center module, and an ottoman, it´s easy to build your favorite version!


The name Favn originates from Norse and means outstretched arms. This is an older form of measurement, often used about the depth of water or the length of woodpiles. Yet, in Norwegian, Favn is also a commonly used word for the space created between a person’s chest and outreached arms, referring to taking someone or something into its welcoming favn, meaning to embrace or include. As the name indicates, the module sofa is inviting, warm, and generous.

Favn is the ultimate cozy tv-sofa with its considerable seating depth and angled armrests, providing sweeping comfort and relaxation. Details in seams and the highly comfortable fixed down seat cushions add to the soft finishing touch.

When you once again gather your family and friends, don´t worry, the modules can be separated to maintain proper social distancing!


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