New in – Non stools


Non stool is a versatile newcomer in the Non family. The stool is visually light yet sturdy, offers
flexible use, and is crafted from 100% natural and sustainable oak materials. The stool comes in
two heights, 46 and 65 cm, for different utilizations.

The initial thought was to make a traditional stool for extra seating. However, in the process of creating it,
the choice of a flat top and an additional taller version, gave the Non stools further flexibility. Now you can
use them as nightstands, foot rests, bar stools, high or low side tables, flower stands, or even compact
dining tables. The Non stool 46 also works great as the intended space-saving replacement for a chair, as
the height suits regular dining tables.

«In the development of Non stools
we decided on a rectangular shape instead
of a square, as this made the stools expression more
playful, and the sizes adaptable to more spaces»

– designer Elin Louise Sveen

Like the rest of the Non series, the stools have a
characteristic angled and rounded plywood seat and
coned, slender legs supported by rounded spindles


Non dining chair was the first design in the series, inspired by the wavering grass in a meadow.

The whole series is influenced by the soberness, simplicity, and natural beauty of Scandinavian design.
Non finds the balance between the practical and the playful.

All designs in the Non family share similarities while bringing their distinct features to the table.
Speaking of which, with Non everything started with dining, because the word Non is an old Norwegian term
for a meal in between lunch and dinner, and the chair found inspiration in this old name.
Non series brings traditional craftsmanship of wooden furniture and timeless modern form together.

Take a look at the product pages to see the oiled/painted finishes each of them are available in.