New in – Løkke dining chair


Meet Løkke, the latest dining chair in ygg&lyng´s collection! The idea of Løkke started with wanting to combine retro references and the straightforwardness of old school chairs with great comfort and striking details. With its curved, minimal lines and soft silhouette, Løkke is minimalistic in size but huge in personality. Løkke means loop in Norwegian. The conspicuous twisted metal loop on the chair’s back was the very detail that initiated the designer’s thoughts. It supports the curved upholstered back and provides a generous gap between the back and the seat, underlining the simplicity and neatness of the chair.


«The envision to create something with distinctiveness gave me the idea of the loop,
which also led to the curved lines and softness in design and feel»

– elin louise sveen

The loop can be seen as a symbol of movements in time that crosses and comes back now and then. Just like influences and thoughts tend to go in circles, disappearing for a while, then being revived in a new way. It can simultaneously be a metaphor for the brief but impactful encounters in life. Crossing each other’s paths, when catching up with old friends you haven´t seen for a long time, or extended family gathering around the dining table. Løkke is made with comfort in mind, the angle of the back and the upholstered seating invite long conversations and sharing of time.

Løkke can be personalized through a wide range of fabrics with various textures and colors. You can even combine different ones on the seat and back, to make a playful or bold look, to complement or contrast. Løkke has been on the drawing board for quite some time, repeatedly being altered and refined to make it exactly as intended. With no compromises on either aesthetics or comfort, we couldn´t be more proud to finally launch!


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PHOTO: @ingermariegrini   /    STYLING: @silje_aune_eriksen