New in – Krum / Spring lamps


The new Krum/Spring lamp collection provides a range of possibilities, whether as captivating standalone pieces or arranged in groups. Moreover, you can create playful compositions by experimenting with colors and repetitive sizes and shapes


Nothing orchestrates the ambiance in a room more than the lighting. In essence, lighting is the silent storyteller, weaving narratives of comfort, productivity, or relaxation. The versatile design of Krum/Spring lamps enhances this experience. They set the mood, invigorate the energy with bright illumination, or create a cozy atmosphere with a subtle, dimmable light.

The Krum/Spring lamp started as an extension of Krum candle holder but soon evolved into a whole collection itself. The lamp series is a collaboration between designer Elin Louise Sveen and the design team at ygg&lyng. The playful outcome is a lamp series you can dress up and down – to make them blend in or call for attention – or something in between!


«Krum», and «krumninger» are Norwegian terms that refer to curves. The designers were particularly captivated by the undulating shapes formed when water is stirred by the wind and when waves create ripples in the sand. The word “spring” holds another meaning related to water; when the tide is at its highest. The phenomenon occurs twice a month when the tidal force is at its maximum and the moon, earth, and sun are aligned.


Combined, these two names make up the Norwegian word “krumspring” which means a silly jump or a strikingly odd behavior or move. Some of the combinations of lamp bases and shades may appear exactly as the name suggests; unexpected or surprising!


The core of the collection is four lamp bases; three wall lamps and a pendant, that can be dressed in any shade. The two different shade designs; Krum & Spring, both come in three sizes that can be combined or used separately.


The Krum/Spring lamps are available in four matte colors: Cardboard Brown, Bancha Green, and Coal Black, plus a happy limited edition color Bloom Yellow! The Krum shades come in diameters 23, 38, and 54 cm and are without a doubt the bold, statement choice! For a more minimalistic look, you can choose Spring in sizes 13,5, 23, or 38 cm.


This collection of lamps features numerous nature-inspired references that add a touch of beauty to the design. Go from contemporary to eclectic and create your customized lamp with a great choice of colors, sizes, and combinations.

wall lamp 01

wall lamp 02

wall lamp 03




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