New in – Krum candle holder

We are so excited to expand our accessories collection with a candle holder. Curvature in water, sand and waves were among the designer’s sources of inspiration for the Krum candle holder.

Krum is like a small round sculpture in the interior, with waves radiating from the center. It is an interesting graphic object in itself, even when the light is not lit. The curves widen as they move away from the centre, creating changing shadows with different angles of view. The matt surface reflects the light soft like silk.

Candles set the mood and are in many homes synonymous with atmosphere and coziness, especially through the dark nordic winters. Krum works well alone but also in groups when the table is set.

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«The desire was to create a candle holder with character. Inspired by the curvature in water, waves and sand»

– elin louise sveen