New in! Dis boxes and console tables in light grey

The story of Dis started several years ago when designer Elin Louise Sveen got the idea to design a set of coffee tables in two different sizes to be used individually or combined. Clean lines, a timeless feel and the possibility to mix materials to fit your individual style was among initial thoughts.

Table tops in different materials such as brushed pine and different finishes of solid oak were put into the blend.  So was the reversible table top in powder coated steel which gives an impression of a tray, rather than a table top, when placed upside down. This feature, is a red line through the growing Dis-series.

In addition to the first two coffe tables the series now includes tables in a wide range of sizes, cabinets, side tables, trays, boxes and console tables. 

«Clean lines, a timeless feel and the possibility to mix materials to fit your individual style…»


The perfect shade of grey…

When the designers started to make a grey edition of Dis, they were on a mission to find THE exact right neutral shade of grey. After searching through several color charts, mixing, matching and making prototypes of colors – it became evident that finding it was a little bit harder than imagined.

Some were too warm, some too cold, some too red, some too green, some too light and some too dark. After intensive search they finally landed on a very natural, neutral shade. A nuance that feels sophisticated and slightly warm, and perfectly complements nature elements such as stone, straw and linen that is an important inspiration for ygg&lyng.

Console tables and boxes in grey are among the latest news in the ongoing story about Dis, but ygg&lyng already have more exciting new pieces to add to the series. Brace yourselves for new releases soon.