New in, Bris limited edition

Bris outdoor module sofa is already well known and loved, in the classic colors black and white. New of the year is fresh colors on both frames and cushions, and you can even mix them if you like!

The module system is based on two elements; the base and a combined back/arm, which makes Bris easy to put together to your preferred combination, and later rearrange!

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We are delighted to present Bris outdoor sofa
in three new shades of yellow, green, and brown


The feel of spring and summer inspired us to dress Bris outdoor sofa in a brand new color. Up north, where we endure cold winters, every new season brings a special joy when it arrives. In spring the sun starts to warm, the snow melts, and the birds sing. If we have not already spent the entire winter longing for summer, we for sure start now. Then, at last, summer hits with its bloom, the warming sun, and the vibrant colors in nature once again.

We wanted to choose a color reflecting this long-awaited season. The mission of finding the perfect color was fun but also turned out more challenging than expected. After exploring several options, mixing and matching with outdoor fabrics, and making prototypes, we ended up with three colors instead of just one. We simply could not leave out any of them. They were all too beautiful!

We hope to inspire with the new colors of Bris outdoor sofa. Inspire you to give it your personal touch, and when summer is finally upon us, you can enjoy sunny days and joyful moments fully!


Enjoy lazy summer days in the comfortable cushions of Bris. Choose from different colors and textures of outdoor fabric that harmonizes with the new colors of the frames.

They are all durable, water repellent, resistant to UV-light, and even machine washable! And better yet, they also live up to the Oeko-tex standard 100, which means they are safe and healthy to use, both to you and the environment.


Powder-coated stainless steel

Summer yellow Yellow is associated with the sun and evokes playfulness, joyful moments, and a touch of creativity and optimism.

Deep olive Green is the color of nature and resembles health, tranquility and harmony. Get close to nature with colors that echo the feeling of a relaxing hike in the forest, or walking barefoot in the meadow.

Earth brown Brown is the color of earth and is an honest, elegant and timeless choice. A comfortable, classic nuance that keeps you calm and grounded.

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