Ljå in NEW natural stone

Ljå Coffee Table by designer elisabeth graff espevoll combines the timeless material of steel with different choices of table tops in oak, steel, and stone. NEW IN is the beautiful natural stone Lundhs Antique Anorthosite. It has a brown natural tone characterized by a variety of clear blue and purple crystals. Each piece of stone is unique due to the variations of fine lines, sizes, and amount of crystals.


The designer aims to use natural and honest materials, and by adding this beauty of a stone to the Ljå family, the table gets yet another distinct look.

Here, the designer tells us about what makes the design interesting, and how it initially came about:
In ygg&lyng we are constantly inspired by history, nature, and traditions. I was looking into the old shapes of tools that were used back in the old days when harvesting was done by hands, not machines. The sharp and still soft shape of the scythe captured my interest – and gave me the idea for the subtle steel frame of Ljå 80 coffee table. The first material for the tabletop I had in mind was a Norwegian stone. Already several years back in time, the different varieties of natural stone from Lundhs got my attention. One thing that is so fascinating about natural stone is that it is already millions of years old, and two pieces of stone are never the same, explains Elisabeth.

I also love that the material is local, environmentally friendly, durable, and requires no maintenance. That is the story of how the matte, greenish-grey larvikite Lundhs Emerald became the first tabletop presented on Ljå.

Later the coffee table got both a slim tabletop in steel and new additions in solid wood. It also got a smaller sibling in Ljå 55, that can serve both as a side table and a coffee table, and that looks grand in combination with Ljå 80. Now we are so proud to present another new tabletop addition; Lundhs Antique.

Lundhs Antique is an anorthosite, crafted by volcanic activity 980 million years ago in Sirevåg, Norway. The delicate natural stone is characterized by a variation of clear blue and purple crystals on a brown background. Each piece of stone is unique due to the variations of fine lines, sizes, and amounts of crystals.