Launch of the new ygg&lyng website

ygg&lyng – Norwegian living are proud to present our brand new website in collaboration with a great team and skilled developer A Design Studio. We have in recent years wanted to upgrade and expand our platform, which has proven to be a demanding and time-consuming process. After lots of hard work we are finally there, and the result is more than we could have hoped for!

With the new website, we want to be able to show our collection of furniture and accessories in new, more inspiring ways. The new platform is more informative, user-friendly and intuitive, allowing for customized content and interaction. Price lists, product specifications and information about materials are also more easily available than before.

“We want to create a living and organic website that reflects the inspiration from Norwegian nature, history and traditions and which tells new and relevant stories about ygg&lyng and our designs. ”


New stories

Ygg&lyng’s designs and materials are visualized by soulful images and inspirational stories. Through new impulses and a desire to embrace and redefine «Norwegian living», the inspiration comes from Norwegian nature, history and traditions, like it has from the beginning. Ygg&lyng’s designer and creative source Elin Louise Sveen has been involved in everything from styling and photography to designing and building up the new website – which creates a feeling of wholeness and enhances the visual identity of ygg&lyng across different channels.

There is a lot of exciting things going on in ygg&lyng’s universe these days, therefore with our news page «Stories» we want to share vibrant stories about our brand and the people behind, new designs and processes, collaborations, fairs, events and more. We hope you will be inspired and that ygg&lyng’s passion for flexible, durable design will be visible in its new digital home.