Krum candle holder NEW colors


We proudly introduce Krum candle holders in new joyful colors – a lovely way to spice up a room effortlessly
Welcome; Bancha Green, Bloom Yellow, Pinecone Brown, and Loud Lilac!

We have a crush on all of them, and can´t decide which one´s our favorite. Which one is yours? Even if you prefer the earthy nordic tones or are more into colors, the new Krum candle holders add contrast to any interior. The NEW Krum colors give little sparks of joy to the coffee table, dining table, or any place you like the simple, ambient beauty of a candle!

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The classic matt colors from 2019 got their names from their associations with coal, clouds, and cardboard. The new ones brought thoughts of bancha tea, pinecones and blooming flowers. The saturated, vibrant lilac color got the proper name Loud Lilac.