Storytelling by Hilde Mork

We have been so fortunate and privileged to have been able to collaborate with the talented storyteller and photographer Hilde Mork. We simply admire the unique expression in her work. The way her images provide a comfortable calmness, and it feels like time stops for a second, or more. We are so pleased with the beautiful photos Hilde has captured for us, and also it’s so inspiring to see our own designs through her eyes. The feel and atmosphere is exactly the way we dreamed and hoped for!

Throughout the process we have shared ideas and thoughts. Hilde has expressed her desire to give the images life, both under the roof and in nature – with and without people – to substantiate our identity and history.


«… Life itself; that`s what inspires me.»

– Hilde Mork

Hildes thoughts and reflections

What inspires you?
Life. In sprinkles, or in a gentle breeze. Maybe in an embrace, or all alone on sundried rocks by the ocean. Spring, summer, fall and winter. The shortest of moments or longest of days. From top to bottom. Deep down, and sometimes… just barely touching the surface. Soaked in tears or delightfully giggly. Sorely and loving. The present or everlasting memories, such as scars from the childhood on grown up knees. Life itself; that`s what inspires me.


What does Norwegian living mean to you?
Generous, yet never wasteful. Gentle, though with a sharp edge.


Did something in the identity or story of ygg&lyng inspire you in a particular way?
The identity is tender and humble at the same time. And there is a potential of life lived that I wanted to emphasize. A longing and a strength.


What visual tools and effects do you use to tell stories through your pictures?
The light. And the little detail that says; someone left a piece of their soul here.


Thank you Hilde! Enjoy her work at @hildemork78