Fender lamp is now relaunched

Fender lamp is finally back in the collection, and is now relaunched in a new warm, brown color; Seaweed Brown! It comes both as a pendant and a table lamp, and is inspired by the sea and life along the coast. The glass shape is taken from a traditional boat fender, but is simplified and given details such as the holder in solid oak, as well as a textile cord attached like a rope. The contrast between the materials gives the lamp a tactile and natural expression.

The new color reflects shades of seaweed and kelp and gives a warm glow. Fender is not only a lamp, it is also a beautiful, sculptural piece of jewelry that brings light and reflection to the room even when it is not lit.

“Ever since I spent my early summers on a boat, life by the sea has been a major inspiration to me. I never feel as mindful and calm as when I listen to the breaking waves against the boat, with the sun in my face and the wind playing in my hair. The elements and I unite.”

– elisabeth graff espevoll


The idea of Fender lamps evolved while working with coast as a furniture fair theme. The shape of a spherical fender stood out and inspired the designer to start drawing a pendant, resembling the way fenders hang off the side of the boat. Contrasting materials such as glass, wood, fabric and metal were put into the blend, as well as a wooden holder that makes the glass dome function as a table lamp. The table version of the lamp gives quite a different expression, and is in its proper element when placed in a book shelf or on a console table or sideboard. Both lamps serve as a statement piece and a source of ambient light to any interior.

Choose between wooden details in wenge or white oiled solid oak, and the glass colors Seaweed Brown and Ocean Grey, either as a pendant or a table lamp.


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