Oak is one of the most robust and durable trees perfectly suited for production of quality furniture intended to last for decades. ygg&lyng’s oak furniture origins from European forests where there is focus on sustainability. Production of wooden furniture is a careful job and behind every ygg&lyng table lies a laborious production process.

By combining mechanical precision provided by high tech machinery with knowledge and skill of experienced craftsmen we are able to offer furniture not only for you and me to enjoy, but for the next generations as well!



Wild oak has a rougher expression as it contains knots and a flowing pattern in the wood grain.

Premium oak wood is taken from deeper within the tree trunk and contains little twig and irregularities. Because long lengths of oak core wood is slow growing and more difficult to obtain, it is the most exclusive option in our collection.

When investing in solid oak furniture you should know that they need love, care and regular treatment to stay beautiful and healthy. In return you’ll get a piece of furniture that is outstanding in strength and has unique structure and exclusive natural patterns.


Oiled oak surfaces require regular maintenance. It is important that the wood never dries out as it may shrink and cause cracks. Also, the pores in the wood will absorb liquid and dirt if they are not saturated with some kind of surface treatment. Pay regular attention to signs that your table top might be dry. If you are in doubt you can sprinkle a few drops of water on your table and see if it gathers in beads on top of the surface, or if it’s absorbed into the wood. In that case it’s time to re-apply oil. How often you need to oil depends on the use of the table. It is particularly important to keep the table top saturated with oil, that way it will be resistant to spills from liquids. Small cracks may occur regardless of maintenance and are to be considered as normal as wood is a living material that will be affected by changes in temperature and humidity.

A wax stick to fill in small cracks is available upon request.

Indoor wood becomes dirty and dull over time. Therefore, all dirt must be removed from the surface prior to any basic treatment. A thorough pre-treatment will provide a more beautiful and durable result in the end.


– Keep your table dry at all times

– Clean up spills right away

– Dust regularly, and if you need to clean stains or dirt, use a damp lint-free cloth with mild soap water. We recommend Surface Care from Rubio Monocoat which is specially made for oiled wood.

– Never place hot objects on any wooden surface


– Re-oil when needed, as described above

SO / BO finishes: Rubio Monocoat maintenance kits exclusively developed for our tables are availabe in stores that carry our brand

EH / EN / ER finishes: Woca worktop oil natural or white / Diamond 025 Smoked brown (follow the instructions on the container)

– For extra stubborn stains we recommend Rubio Monocoat’s Stain removers for oiled wood instead of sanding;

Tannin remover – for black stains from metal contact, red wine etc

Grease remover – for stains from cooking oil, crayons, markers etc

Limespot remover – for lime stains, white water stains, rust water stains etc


If your table gets damaged please contact us for repair recommendations


Our wenge stained products have a top coat of clear lacquer and do not require regular maintenance other than daily cleaning with mild soap. You should however be aware that lacquered wood is sensitive to heat. Hot objects placed directly on the wenge surface will leave white marks unless you use protective coasters etc. You also want to keep your lacquered furniture dry at all times. Small cracks may occur since wood is a living, moving material. A wax stick to fill in any small cracks or scratches is available upon request. If you are unlucky and get bigger damages to your table it’s always possible to sand down to the raw, natural wood and redo the finish.


– Keep your table dry at all times
– Dust regularly, and if you need to clean stains or dirt, use a mild soap, luke warm water and a soft, lint-free cloth
– Never place hot objects on any wooden surface