In ygg&lyngs collection, you find two different types of real stone, both crafted in Norway millions of years ago. Thanks to the high density and non-porosity of the natural stone, the materials boast incredible strength, resistance, and absorption qualities. All surfaces are resistant to heat, scratches, stains, UV-lighting, and water as well as being easy to clean, requiring minimal maintenance.

The smooth, honed finish is achieved by the use of diamond abrasives and has a non-reflective, soft surface. It has an elegant, pleasant look, where the crystals in different tones carefully capture the light and give it a beautiful glow.


Larvikite is one of the world’s most exquisite and unique natural stones, created 300 million years ago, and only found in the Norwegian mountains surrounding Larvik. In 2008 Larvikite became the official national stone of Norway. The color variation of Lundhs Emerald range from greyish blue to green and the complex blend of beautiful feldspar crystals gives each piece of stone its own individual fingerprint.


Lundhs Antique is an anorthosite, crafted by volcanic activity 980 million years ago in Sirevåg, Norway. The delicate natural stone is characterized by a variation of clear blue and purple crystals on a brown background. Each piece of stone is unique due to the variations of fine lines, sizes, and amounts of crystals.


The surface of Lundhs Real stone is easy to clean and requires no regular maintenance. Simply use a soft cloth and wipe clean with water. When necessary, you may use a ph neutral soap, glass spray, or stone cleaner. Wash all soap off the surface with water to avoid any remaining layers. No sealing required.