design : ygg&lyng design studio

The Krum/Spring lamp collection provides versatile options, whether as standalone pieces or harmoniously combined. Their adaptable design shapes the room’s ambiance, offering bright or subtle, dimmable light for enhanced character and atmosphere. Inspired by nature, the collection allows for contemporary or eclectic customization with various colors, sizes, and compositions.

Krum/Spring pendants look appealing both with a single shade or diverse shade combinations. Place smaller pendants in window frames, larger ones over the dining table or bed, or several to illuminate a lounge area.


Lacquered metal
coal black  /  cardboard brown
bancha green  /  bloom yellow


Ceiling cup dia 9 cm
Black cord 200 cm (adjustable)

additional info

E27 max 40W
The pendant and shade are packed separately

view wall lamp 01
view wall lamp 02
view wall lamp 03

Krum 23 shade_yggoglyng
Krum 38 shade_yggoglyng
Krum 54 shade_yggoglyng
Spring 13,5 shade_yggoglyng
Spring 23 shade_yggoglyng
Spring 38 shade_yggoglyng



The Krum/Spring lamp collection provides a range of possibilities, whether as captivating standalone pieces or arranged in groups. Moreover, you can create playful compositions by experimenting with colors and repetitive sizes and shapes

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