AFTEN 80 / 90

outdoor module sofa

design : elin louise sveen

The design of the Aften outdoor sofa allows you to create custom seating arrangements that fit your unique outdoor spaces. The modules can be combined to create everything from a neat 2-seater to a monumental U-sofa, while you can use a separate module as a chaise, footrest, or chair.

Aften outdoor sofa blurs the line between indoor and outdoor living, providing a flexible and comfortable solution for your outdoor relaxation.


• Marine grade impregnated plywood frame
• GOODSIDE slats
• Quick dry foam
• Galvanized steel components
• Available in all outdoor fabrics


Depth 80 / 90 cm
Seat depth 60 / 70 cm
Width 80 / 90 cm
Seat height 40 cm
Height 69 cm



Two optional leg placements
Optional seat height for dining 50 cm

AFTEN 80 outdoor versions

(can be mirrored)

AFTEN 90 outdoor versions

(can be mirrored)

Freedom to build

If you can´t find the perfect version, feel free to build
your own Aften lounge based on the modules

Aften 80_outdoor_corner_left_yggoglyng
Aften 80_outdoor_corner_right_yggoglyng
Aften 80_outdoor_center_yggoglyng
Aften 80_outdoor_ottoman_yggoglyng
Aften 90_outdoor_corner_left_yggoglyng
Aften 90_outdoor_corner_right_yggoglyng
Aften 90_outdoor_center_yggoglyng
Aften 90_outdoor_ottoman_yggoglyng



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