A new path

Our passion for the natural and wild has been in our dna since we launched our first dining table in solid oak in 2009. It’s strongly connected to our identity to use honest and natural materials, and that is something we will never lose sight of. However, we will always have to adapt and find new ways of implementing these values into our brand and collection. The world is in constant change, and so are we!

In the past couple of years, these changes have been rapid and brutal as a result of the pandemic and its ripple effects on the entire supply chain. The demand for raw materials has increased unexpectedly fast and uncontrollably and has put immense pressure on factories all over the world. Our table designs require long, thick lengths of solid oak and that’s been especially difficult to obtain locally and of the quality we want. Adding up the environmental impacts of longer travel way for raw material, as well as the different color and look of the available oak, we had to take action and find more sustainable ways to utilize the wood. If we were to continue with solid wood table tops, prices would have increased sharply, and we would have had to change some designs.

We are now ready and excited to be able to offer our range of tables, one series at the time, in the same beautiful and natural look as you know and love, and with the same sturdiness and even more stable! With premium oak veneer you get the best from two worlds. All surfaces of the tabletop are covered in a thin layer of oak. The layer is thick enough to have the possibility to sand and redo the finish – if needed, and thin enough to limit the risk of warping and cracking. Solid wood is a living material and will constantly be affected by shifting temperature and humidity causing it to expand and contract. We wanted to keep the beauty and uniqueness of this amazing living material and eliminate the risk of movement with a stable core.

Like any other product, veneer has come a long way since the start of mass production of poor quality furniture in the 70s and 80s, which gave veneer a bad reputation. Imagine the development in the tech field, a cell phone from the 90s is not at all comparable to the cell phone we know today. Translating that into the world of veneer; core materials, glue, and techniques have been developed and perfected over decades and now result in furniture that looks and feels exactly like a solid wood piece. Edges and matching of the veneer sheets can give away the fact that it’s not solid wood all the way through the top if it’s not done with care and precision.

We have dedicated time and effort to define the finishing look and feel confident that you will be just as pleased with the result as we are!

– Have a look at the very first sample of Viola, veneered tabletop, still solid oak legs! Please also note that V-series from now can be delivered in smoked oak!